Air Freight

From all over the world to our region, and from our region to all over the world!

Handling air and sea freight is part of the Kleyling group's international and global transport and logistics activities. Our joint venture with EMO-TRANS GmbH specialises in exactly that field.

Through our status as a "regulated agent" we guarantee continuous and safe transport.

Our Gateway Center in Frankfurt, equipped with its own scanner and sniffer, is operated around the clock by our security screeners. This makes it possible for us to ensure rapid clearance of your shipments.

Our range of services includes:

  • International consolidated shipments
  • Full and split charters
  • Express courier service
  • Project shipments
  • Lufthansa Business Partner
  • Dangerous goods handling

Contact :

Frau Ekatarina Rieper - Tel: +49 7667 9029-60

Frau Katharina Efinger - Tel: +49 7667 9029-50