City cycling kilometres for the youth traffic school in Breisach Hochstetten


Kleyling Spedition donates to the Kreisverkehrswacht and supports cycle training for primary school children

Three weeks of commitment to city cycling! From 19 June to 9 July 2023, the employees of Kleyling Spedition in Breisach pedalled hard.
To motivate the team even more this year and to make it clear that every kilometre on the bike counts, the management came up with a special motivation: For every kilometre cycled, 10 cents will be donated to the cycling education of primary school children. In this way, the transport and logistics company can give something back to a regional association with a sustainable impact, in addition to active climate protection, team spirit and sustainable mobility.

The Kleyling Spedition team was spurred on and cycled 4166 kilometres together. This results in a rounded donation of 420 euros to the Kreisverkehrswacht Freiburg-Müllheim e.V. for the maintenance of the youth traffic school in Breisach. The donation was handed over to Frank Stratz (Chief Superintendent and Chairman of the Kreisverkehrswacht Freiburg-Müllheim e.V.) by our CEO Kathrin Kleyling at the Breisach traffic training ground on 12.7.2023. The city of Breisach was also represented on site by Mr Müller (First Alderman) and Ms Nießen (Climate Protection Officer) to support the campaign.

At the donation handover meeting, you could see right away where the donated money was going:
From the city cycling directly into the youth traffic lessons to secure the next generation of cyclists. The traffic training area was used that day by primary school classes from the Alemannen School in Hartheim. The traffic training was led by Frank Briege (police officer and voluntary training manager of the youth traffic school) with the support of the teachers.

The Kreisverkehrswacht organises the bicycle training in Breisach Hochstetten for primary school children from the region. At the ADAC training ground, the pupils learn the rules of the road and practice them together on their bicycles. In this way, the children learn how to handle their bikes safely and in a relaxed manner in road traffic.

The work on site is done by police officers on a voluntary basis, but the association is dependent on donations for lease fees, maintenance work and the purchase of necessary materials. Especially the maintenance of the bicycles requires regular care by an employee of the association. Thus, every participating child has a suitable rental bike at the traffic training site.